The 10 best sleeping positions

Sleeping well is one of the conditions intrinsic to all living things. It is a personal attitude, this is each one has his own and at the same time unconscious.

In addition, it contributes to the improvement of the quality of life, physical and mental well-being and to the prevention of some diseases, such as obesity and depression.

It is during sleep that the body and muscles relax, the sight repairs the effort made during the day and that the skin regenerates . After a good night’s sleep, people are usually more well-disposed and motivated, with the energy rejuvenated, the immune system stronger. These conditions contribute to an improvement in physical performance and as far as thinking goes, they are faster.

There are several provisions for resting but not all are comfortable, causing some back pain, cervical, dorsal or even symptoms of tiredness.

Here are the best sleeping positions:

  1. Sideways – whether it’s facing the right or the left. The body needs to stay entirely on its side the spine is straight, which allows the person to breathe well. The cushion should leave the head shoulder-length so as not to be bent and not cause neck pain.

This position contributes to a better functioning of the bloodstream. As for the arms, they should be one on top of the other and slightly flexed.

2. On the side with cushion on the legs – You can opt for the previous arrangement but put the knee pillow between your legs so you do not put pressure on your knees. This allows the legs to rest better without tension, one beneath the other.

3. On the side with the arms stretched forward – the way the arms are placed during sleep can also influence you. With them stretched long enough they are allowed to relax and the individual sleep better.

4. From belly up – in this the body must be all extended under the mattress. Thus, the joints acquire a relaxed position but one should choose a lower cushion. The arms can be extended along the body.

5. Starfish – is the position where you lie on your stomach with your arms and legs open, forming a five-pointed star. Here the whole body is extremely relaxed.

6. Belly up with the pillow under the knees – this arrangement allows the legs to be more relieved from the pain quickly and the lower back (next to the basin) equally relaxed.

7. From belly down – so as to facilitate digestion can be put this way. You should put pillows for stomach sleepers in the abdomen area to control the curve of your back and stay more relaxed and comfortable.

8. Tummy down with your hands next to your head – this is another variant that is also allowed when sleeping on your stomach. With the head in the middle and the upper limbs on top of the cushion, but one on each side.

9. Free fall – in this people lie on their belly down, with their faces on one side and one hand or two on their heads. This also aids in digestion.

10. In the fetal position – this is the position in which the human being is from conception to birth. It consists of lying on your side with your legs slightly bent. For a more pleasant sleep the cushion should be between the shoulder and the head.

A third of one’s life is spent sleeping and choosing the correct position improves the quality of sleep and benefits the rest of body and mind.

Apart from the sleeping position it is equally important to have good sleep habits and choose a suitable cushion and mattress . These influence directly so that everything goes well. The first should not consist of a very soft material. The mattress should be opted for a quality model.

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